A common question from our clients is how to manage passwords best.

We have a few best practices for passwords, and as you might have guessed, the key point is to avoid an easy, memorable phrase. To go along with this recommendation, we tell our clients to use different passwords across all of their applications.

We are recommending, as a best practice, to generate a different, long, random password for every app you use.  We know you are likely to ask two great questions: 1. How do I create that type of password? 2. How do I remember them? I understand that recalling any of the long, random passwords you created will be a challenge. Plus, those sticky notes with your passwords under your keyboard can get lost, and that secret password book can disappear on a bookshelf.

You are not the first to face this challenge, and luckily there is a powerful piece of software to make remembering these passwords simple and straightforward.