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How Upper Valley Businesses Can Easily Eliminate Tech Problems In Their Business

In this era where technology underpins nearly every aspect of our business operations, the impact of a technological failure can be severe. Consider the repercussions of a major internet outage like the recent one affecting 1.7 million AT&T customers, which halted operations for countless businesses, resulting in significant losses in both productivity and sales. The question stands: can your business afford significant downtime?

Beyond just downtime, inadequate IT support encompasses a wide range of issues from major disruptions like data recovery and malware removal to minor irritations such as accessing files, resetting passwords, and fixing broken printers. These challenges can accumulate and severely disrupt business operations.

To safeguard your operations, it's essential not only to have effective recovery strategies but also preventative measures to avert technological failures.

Unfortunately, it's common for businesses to overpay for IT services that fail to solve these issues efficiently. Many IT providers, often dubbed "IT Wizards," promise elite support for a fraction of the cost but end up underperforming, essentially using their tools more for leisure than for labor. This ineffective approach must be addressed. To help, we've outlined essential standards any competent IT service should meet.

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Evaluate Your IT Support - Checklist:

  • Immediate Response: Does your IT team respond instantly to emergencies and pick up the phone live?
  • Quick Access for Non-Emergencies: Are they reachable and responsive within an hour for non-urgent issues?
  • Proactive Maintenance: Does your IT provider actively manage and secure your network without needing reminders?
  • Data Backup Verification: Do they provide proof that all data across devices is securely backed up?
  • Consistent Updates: Does your IT provider schedule regular meetings to report on their activities and discuss improvements?
  • Clear Billing: Are the bills from your IT provider detailed and easy to understand?
  • Straightforward Communication: Does your IT service communicate in layman's terms and make sure you understand what's being done?
  • Cybersecurity Initiatives: Are proactive cybersecurity discussions part of their service, including training to help your staff avoid scams?
  • Complete Documentation: Does your IT service provide full network documentation, or do they keep critical access information to themselves?
  • Professionalism: Are the technicians punctual, well-dressed, and do they make IT consultations a positive experience?

If your current IT provider does not meet these criteria, then your support is likely inadequate, endangering your data and network security and potentially costing you thousands in lost productivity. This situation not only jeopardizes your business operations but could also lead to you being blamed if something goes wrong.

Should this be the case, it might be time to consider what other options are available to ensure you are receiving the value and protection your business truly needs. Accepting anything less is a risk your business cannot afford. To schedule a free 10-minute discovery call to see how we can get rid of your tech issues, click here or call us at 802-331-1900.