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All-Access Infotech proudly offers comprehensive IT support and services to businesses and organizations in Burlington, ensuring your technological infrastructure is robust, secure, and perfectly aligned with your strategic objectives. Our team is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance your operational efficiency and drive your business growth.

Our Services


Full-Spectrum IT Management

Benefit from our extensive IT management services, encompassing network infrastructure, proactive maintenance, software updates, and continuous support.


Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

Defend your business against cyber threats with our rigorous security protocols, including ongoing threat monitoring, regular security assessments, and effective incident response strategies.

File Sharing

Reliable Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Secure your vital business data with our dependable backup solutions and disaster recovery strategies, ensuring swift restoration and uninterrupted business continuity.


Tailored Software and Application Support

Optimize your business operations with our expert support for a wide array of software and applications, ensuring they are finely tuned to your specific needs.


24/7 Helpdesk Support

Access our professional assistance at any time with our 24/7 helpdesk support, reducing downtime and keeping your business operations running smoothly.

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Why Choose All-Access Infotech for Burlington IT Support

  1. Local Expertise, Global Perspective: Our deep understanding of the Burlington business environment, combined with global technological insights, ensures that your IT solutions are both locally relevant and globally competitive.
  2. All-Inclusive IT Services: We offer a broad range of IT services, ensuring that all your technological needs are met comprehensively, from network management to advanced cybersecurity.
  3. Customized Service Delivery: Recognizing the uniqueness of your business, we provide IT services that are specifically tailored to meet your individual challenges and objectives.
  4. Commitment to Security and Data Protection: We prioritize the safety of your digital assets, employing the latest security measures to protect your business from cyber threats.
  5. Dedicated Support and Proactive Maintenance: Our 24/7 helpdesk support and proactive maintenance services ensure that your IT systems are always performing at their best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What distinguishes All-Access Infotech in providing IT support in Burlington?
Our combination of local knowledge, a wide array of IT services, and a customized approach to service delivery makes us the preferred IT support provider in Burlington.
How does All-Access Infotech protect businesses from cyber threats?
We utilize advanced cybersecurity measures, perform thorough security assessments, and engage in proactive monitoring to safeguard your business from emerging cyber threats.
What types of data backup and recovery solutions does All-Access Infotech provide?
Our robust backup solutions and disaster recovery plans ensure that your business data is securely backed up and can be rapidly recovered, maintaining the continuity of your operations.
Can All-Access Infotech offer support for specialized software and applications?
Yes, our team has extensive experience with various software and applications, providing expert support to ensure they are fully optimized for your business operations.
What kind of support can businesses in Burlington expect from All-Access Infotech?
Our helpdesk is available during our operational hours to assist with any IT issue, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum operational efficiency for your business.

Partner With Us

Elevate your Burlington business with the exceptional IT support and services of All-Access Infotech. Our expert team, tailored solutions, and unwavering commitment to your success ensure that your IT infrastructure not only supports but also propels your business objectives. Contact us today to revolutionize your IT operations and drive your business to new heights. 

For inquiries and more information:

NH Office: 1 Glen Road Plaza, West Lebanon, NH
VT Office: 1776 US Route 5 North, Fairlee, VT
Corporate Address: PO Box 109, Orford, NH 03777
Phone: (802) 331-1900
Email: sales@allaccessinfotech.com

Advance your business with the innovative IT support of All-Access Infotech, your trusted partner in Burlington IT Support & Services.