As with any modern business around the globe, network security should be a top priority for your Upper Valley business. The increasing amount of businesses who fall victim to data theft, ransomware, and other schemes is alarming, and it’s just a matter of time before you become a target yourself. Our goal here at All-Access Infotech is to deliver the most powerful cybersecurity defenses available for a cost-effective fee.

Soon enough, hackers and automated web bots will try to breach into your systems to retrieve valuable customer and business information. As soon as they penetrate your network, they will either lock down your clients’ data, sell it in the dark web, or publish it to the world. Either way, you end up with thousands or even millions of lost revenue due to expensive penalties and lost customers, and not every business recovers after this incident. That’s why a vulnerability assessment is crucial.

And if your business takes credit card payments and stores private customer/patient information, you are required to prioritize network security. You must abide by stringent regulations, including SOC and HIPAA, and ensure that your employees are well aware of these requirements. In addition, you also need a technology provider by your side to ensure you remain compliant.

Moreover, you must not only secure your business from external threats because your own team can also pose as a risk. To cover all the bases, All-Access Infotech cybersecurity specialists will conduct a comprehensive network review to ensure your employees adopt best security practices and are aware of their role in keeping your business safe.

As the leader in network security, All-Access Infotech specializes in protecting your business’s data. We will conduct a thorough assessment of your present IT infrastructure to determine the overall health of your network’s security. The results, along with your business goals and budget, will then guide our experts to develop a powerful security plan to counter all incoming threats.

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