A Company You Can Depend On!

Peace of Mind is the biggest benefit in using All-Access Infotech. The AAIT team is responsive, straight forward, reliable and transparent.

Out of all the vendors that I’ve ever dealt with (for anything), AAIT gives me 100% confidence in all aspects of technology support. They know their stuff, provide solutions that make sense for our business and deliver on time. AAIT never fails to go above and beyond.

IT is going to be one of your biggest expenses, not just in startup, but long-term. More than anything else, you need to work with a company who will get you setup properly at the beginning and who you can depend on 100% in the future. That firm is AAIT!

Founder / President
Space on Main
All-Access Infotech, LLC
5 / 5 stars

Knowledgeable, Responsive And A Pleasure To Work With!

We have partnered with Ray and his company for well over 20 years and they run a tight shop. We can always rely on his firm to be responsive to our needs in a timely manner.

Ray provides budgeting and cost-conscious advice. With Managed Services we don’t have to stop and think about every little thing we’re doing in the IT realm to determine if it was budgeted for.

He and his team of employees are knowledgeable, responsive and pleasant to work with. They take the time to explain technical things in layman’s terms so that we non-technical folks can understand it.

Having a long-term relationship with our IT Vendor is invaluable in today’s business world. Security of our business’ data is paramount and we can depend on AAIT to keep our data safe!

Aloha Foundation
All-Access Infotech, LLC
5 / 5 stars

A Valued And Trusted Partner In Our Business

All-Access Infotech provides us with a peace of mind knowing that our systems are constantly monitored for not only routine maintenance but for security threats as well.

When technical assistance or guidance is needed we always receive a swift response from the team of professionals at All-Access Infotech and we value that level of service.

All-Access Infotech works closely with us and we consider them a valued and trusted partner in our non-profit business.

Executive Director
AVA Gallery and Art Center
All-Access Infotech, LLC
5 / 5 stars

Professional, Competent And Our IT Vendor Of Choice

I can recommend All-Access Infotech with both professional and consumer confidence based on my positive experiences over the past 6 ½ years with them as the Police Department’s IT vendor of choice.

All-Access employees are consummate professionals who are competent and capable when called upon for service. As Police Chief I have relied on them for upgrades, repairs and new projects and they have always come through in a timely and efficient manner.

If there are any questions, you can speak with the company owner directly and he will show up in person to inspect his employees work and assure customer satisfaction.

Chief of Police
Bradford Police Dept.
All-Access Infotech, LLC
5 / 5 stars

A Trustworthy IT Company

Ray makes sure we make appropriate investments when needed. My trust level with Ray is unequivocal, both personally and professionally. You can count on the job being done right the first time.

Becket Family of Services
All-Access Infotech, LLC
5 / 5 stars

The Right Size Technology Company For Our Firm

We can’t support an in-house IT person and have tried using solo computer engineers, but have found from our own experience that the individual consultants are unable to stay current with today’s fastchanging technology. That is not the case with All-Access Infotech.

All-Access Infotech is just the right size technology company who can provide us with an integrated solution of networked hardware that can run our industry specific software.

All-Access Infotech has a stable group of engineers who are able to keep up with the changes in software and hardware and are able to integrate solutions into our work environment to allow us to work more efficiently.

The All-Access Infotech team is committed to learning about technology and staying current and as a result are capable of adapting to a range of issues. They tend to our IT needs in a timely manner!

Grossman & Ripps
All-Access Infotech, LLC
5 / 5 stars

A Local Company Who Cares And Is Just A Phone Call Away!

Having managed services from All-Access Infotech (AAIT) takes the weight off our office employees to problem solve IT issues.

All-Access is always just a phone call or email away!

We appreciate the responsiveness from them and find value in their ability to look at our computers and problem solve issues remotely and not have to wait for an IT person to come onsite.

All-Access Infotech is a local provider who treats their clients as a company with a name and a face and not just as an account.

HR Manager
ARC Mechanical
All-Access Infotech, LLC
5 / 5 stars

Our Technology Works Smoothly And Reliably

We are fortunate to work with All-Access Infotech who seamlessly transitions our technology to the constantly changing trends of the IT industry.

They monitor our infrastructure 24/7 and provide an immediate response time ensuring our operation is never interrupted with IT glitches.

Lake Morey Resort
All-Access Infotech, LLC
5 / 5 stars

Always Available And Willing To Collaborate

We have been a client of All-Access Infotech (AAIT) for over 10 years and choose to continue our business relationship because they are responsive and always have someone available to talk to.

The AAIT team of professionals is great at problem solving and we find their knowledge of today’s technology and products an invaluable service.

Working together, they take the time to gain an understanding of the multi-faceted layers of our municipal office and are always willing to assist us with the challenge of finding the best solution for our situation.

Lister / IT Manager
Town of Fairlee
All-Access Infotech, LLC
5 / 5 stars

Thoughtful, Innovative And Great At Simplifying Technology

The All-Access Infotech Managed Services program provides a level of comfort. The monitoring assures me potential problems will likely not occur when you least expect or can’t afford them.

All-Access works well with our required timelines when services are needed, and they follow up to make sure things are running as they should.

There is always someone at All-Access that can explain things to me in such a manner that I’ll understand. This is important to me, as I am not up to speed on a lot of technology. They are aware of new and better technology and processes that can make our business’ systems run more smoothly.

They do a great job at getting to know you and your business. Give them a call.

General Manager
Radiantec Company
All-Access Infotech, LLC
5 / 5 stars

A Change For The Better

After being with our prior computer and network services company for over 12 years, we decided to switch over to AllAccess Infotech in 2017. We are sure glad we did!

They made the transition very easy and seamless for us.

Over the last 6 months, we have gotten to know the service and sales team well and are pleased with the level of customer service and response time.

We really feel that All-Access values our company!!

Office Manager
Norwich Partners
All-Access Infotech, LLC
5 / 5 stars

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